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Welcome to my website!

In a moment of supreme vanity, I decided to make this homepage assuming someone somewhere out there might want to know a little more about me...

Well, my name is Andrea Schiffauerova and I was born and grew up in Ostrava (an industrial city in Czech Republic). Having just finished my undergrad degree and being immensely eager to know more about the world, I went to Amman (Jordan) to study Arabic at the University of Jordan, where I stayed for about a year and where I also met my future husband Mamoun. Since 1999 we have been living in Montreal (Canada).

ein Bild

 Niagara Falls with my husband

In addition to my husband, I share my living space with a plenty of plants and some goldfish. As the design of this page may suggest I love horses and horse riding. My fondness for  travellinglearning languages and foreign cultures could have been guessed as well. Some of my other hobbies include bicycling, hiking, skiing, tennis, classical music, opera, period movies … 

Currently I am working as a Professor at the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering at Concordia University. My main research involves studying the structure and performance of innovation networks and other topics related to the innovation systems. Here is my academic website.

This site is still under construction (...have you ever seen a personal homepage which actually is not?). It provides some more info about me, my interests, my research and some recent pictures from my travels around the world. I hope you will enjoy it!

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